The Pultrusion Process

A continuous process specially developed by DPP with the guarantee of precision and quality

Our Pultrusion process is a continuous production method that enables theoretically endless profiles that can be cut into any serial lengths depending the requirements. Small diameter profiles can be coiled or reeled on spools for easy handling and further processing.

The pultrusion process continuously pulls fibres from spools, which are then saturated with a matrix material. It is extremely important that this matrix material (usually a thermosetting resin like epoxy resin) homogeneously impregnates the fibres. DPP's unique tooling design of customised molds then delivers a cutting edge profile that is shaped and cured in a controlled environment.

Our pultrusion process guarantees an accurate design and dimensional control with perfectly aligned fibres.  High fibre volume content is feasible, which also makes it possible to reach a specific rigidity and strength of the profiles.

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