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  • DPP - Micro pultrusion

    Micro Pultrusion

    DPP have mastered the art of micro pultrusion and thanks to the self developed manufacturing process are able to provide solutions with extreme accuracy and precision!

    Carbon Composite Rigging

    Carbon Composite Rigging

    Carbon pultruded materials are 70% lighter than steel. Our carbon materials for rigging are flexible and can be rolled up for shock-resistant shipments.

    DPP Products

    Composite Profiles

    Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we offer a variety of composite profiles for a wide range of applications.

DPP Pultrusion

Fibre spools

At DPP, we specialise in high-grade pultrusion products and technology.

We develop and supply carbon and glass-fibre microprofiles, used in a range of industries and applications to enhance their strength, lightness and durability. We optimize the performance of your applications in automotive, space, mechanical engineering, sport and many more.

We are convinced that the unique properties of composite materials combined with highly-automated pultrusion technologies developed by DPP, results in reliable and precise products. These are suitable for a wide range of applications that can compete with conventional materials such as steel and aluminium.


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