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Carbon and glass fibre profiles in sport

DPP is regularly involved in innovative development paths in the sports industry and the unique properties of composite materials make DPP pultrusion profiles very interesting construction materials in the sports industry. Our knowledge and know-how of the product and the production process make DPP a truly reliable and flexible partner for your next project.

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  1. Watersport

    Carbon composite rigging in watersports

    Composite rigging combines high strength and rigidity with low weight and high fatigue resistance. Moreover, carbon has a very low coefficient of expansion, allowing the rigging to behave in a stable manner in all weather conditions. This extra stability and weight-saving results in higher performances, which are particularly important for high-performance yachts.


    Carbon profiles in wintersport equipment

    Our OEM ski manufacturers apply DPP carbon fibre pultrusions as uni-directional reinforcement in skies. DPP pultrusions improve the mechanical properties, thereby enhancing the performance whilst acheieving a relatively low weight. 


    Frame elements in kites

    The frame elements (kite stick and kite pipe) of modern kites are made of pultruded composites. Due to the high requirements, carbon fibres are usually used as base material.

    Carbon profiles are also often used as stiffening frame elements or ribs in flags, banners, wind turbines, wind chimes, wind mobiles and small wind mills. Carbon rods, tubes and rectangular profiles are the most commonly used profiles in this sector.


    Other sport related applications

    In other sports, too, the use of DPP carbon and glass fibre profiles is continually growing. Here are a selection of examples:

    • Telescopic walking sticks and cross-country and ski poles made of carbon rod or tube material
    • Carbon tubes and rods as spokes for lightweight (racing) bikes
    • Float antennas, rod holders and bait indicators in angling
    • Fibre reinforced polymer steering shafts and steering rods in motorsport
    • Thin composite rods (usually aramid or glass fibre) as reinforcement in car tyres

    Is your application not mentioned above? Then please feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities for your custom-made solution. We are happy to contribute to your thinking process!

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