Collaboration with S&P

Collaboration with S&P

The perfect match

DPP has been part of the S&P Clever Reinforcement Group since 2019. Through experience with using similar raw materials, together with the additional areas of expertise on both sides, the products, systems and client bases compliment each other perfectly.

Leaders in the field of structural reinforcement

S&P Clever Reinforcement specialise in the reinforcement of structures and also develops innovative reinforcement solutions. The company's core expertise lies in structural consulting for all systems available for sale. Thanks to its branches throughout Europe, S&P has access to a broad network of experts in the fields of engineering, production, application technology and logistics.

Nearly all products are developed in-house, manufactured in the company's own production facilities in Europe and supplied to customers via direct sales. S&P also offers software solutions for the dimensioning of reinforcement systems. This enables customised customer support with products specially tailored to the respective situation as well as a high degree of flexibility and delivery availability.

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  1. S&P FRP Systems

    S&P FRP systems are made from carbon, aramid and glass fibres, which are installed using tested and certified epoxy adhesives and saturants. They are used wherever structures made of concrete, masonry, steel or wood are to be reinforced. The reasons for this include:

    • Increasing the strength and ductility of structures
    • Increasing the load capacity
    • Replacement of corroded or missing steel reinforcement
    • System adaptations
    • Changes in utilisation
    • Extension of service life and durability
    • Compliance with current standards
    • Protection against impact from vehicles
    • Increasing the earthquake resistance of concrete and masonry structures
    • Protection against explosions caused by accidents or terrorism

    S&P Asphalt Reinforcement

    The pre-bituminised S&P asphalt reinforcement grids, Carbophalt® and Glasphalt®, are made of carbon and/or glass fibres. They are effective in significantly reducing the build up of cracks and help to prevent crack reflection from the layers below. As well as crack prevention, they increase the load bearing capacity of the substrate therefore ensuring the surface layer is much more durable.

    The S&P asphalt reinforcement grids are easy to install and offer a cost-effective method of quickly repairing asphalt surfaces. They are both easily millable and recyclable. The pre-bituminisation guarantees the regulated bond strength between the asphalt layers.

    S&P ARMO System (FRCM)

    The S&P ARMO System consists of the special mortar S&P ARMO-crete® and the carbon fibre reinforcement mesh S&P ARMO-mesh®. The system is used for static reinforcement in structural/civil engineering, building construction and tunnelling. It can be installed either via the wet-spray method or the dry-spray method onto both concrete and masonry substrates. Due to the corrosion resistant properties of the carbon fibre mesh, it is possible to install the mortar at a significantly lower thickness than traditional methods.

    An S&P specially developed mixing and pumping system enables the mortar to be fed directly from a silo, ensuring that the installation process can be optimised economically and efficiently. For construction applications, the S&P ARMO-grid SR can also be used. The S&P software ARMO (flexion/axial) can provide the needed static design if required.

    S&P Concrete Repair Systems

    The repair, protection and reinforcement of structures can be a complex process with challenges that differ from job to job.

    It is vitally important to go through a thorough and detailed process including analysis, planning, preparation and execution to ensure successful end results. There are many factors that can lead to the deterioration of reinforced concrete structures.

    Some of the most common reasons for damage are corrosion of internal reinforcement (rebars), a lack of or inadequate internal reinforcement, a failure on the concrete coating and an overly porous concrete. S&P has a range of versatile products and solutions specifically aimed at repairing and protecting structures against corrosion, exposure to marine environments, chemical attack, abrasion and many other environmental factors.

    S&P Rock and Soil Stabilisation (Switzerland only)

    S&P high-performance nets are bi-directional polyester fibre nets which are manufactured using the interlocking principle. The optional PVC coating increases the UV resistance.

    The nets are used in combination with S&P Slope (for steep slopes) or with earth nails, earth screws and soil or rock anchors.

    A jute fabric is used as a greening aid and to prevent surface erosion.


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