Transparent glass-fibre profiles

The standard DPP glass-fibre profiles are pale yellow and semi-transparent. They allow a certain degree of light transmission, but one cannot see through them.

A recent development by DPP enables glass-fibre profiles to be produced with a high degree of transparency and clearness. The degree of transparency can be increased by using specially selected fibres and resins. Moreover, a technology developed by DPP minimises the inclusions of air. This results in a clear and (almost) transparent profile.

The optical properties of DPP’s transparent profiles can be used in various applications. For example, transparent profiles are used in the production of dental posts in dentistry. Not only do these dental posts have aesthetical advantages (they do not shine through the crown), but most of all the transparency makes gluing with a UV setting glue possible. Experimental is the application of transparent profiles in reinforced glass.

In the future, it could be possible to use the transparent fibre-reinforced profiles in numerous other markets and applications. Examples include construction profiles in greenhouse construction. At present, these profiles are made of steel or aluminium. By making these profiles of transparent glass-fibre reinforced plastic, the light output in the greenhouses can be increased without loss of strength and rigidity of the construction. Moreover, the material is thermally insulating. Applications in the construction industry are also possible, e.g. aesthetic constructions with a high light transmission.

Making DPP profiles transparent is in development. We are happy to find the best solution for your custom-made application.

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