Semi-cured or post-cured carbon and glass-fibre profiles

For certain applications it can be advisable to post-cure the carbon or glass-fibre reinforced profiles off line (post-cured pultrusion sections). This has a positive effect on the temperature resistance (glass transition temperature) of the product. This is also a way to ensure that the matrix is a 100% cured and there are no residual monomers in the product. This is especially important for medical applications.

The opposite can also be advisable. By semi-curing the profile (semi-cured composite profiles), the product remains deformable. At increased temperatures, the matrix will become liquefied again and the product will be deformable under pressure. In this deformed state, the product can be cured further. In fact, the composite pultrusions are used as prepregs here. This offers a wide range of possibilities. Some examples:

  • Thin strips can be given curvature.
  • Pen heads can be moulded on to carbon pens.
  • Composite strips can be laminated in prepregs and at an increased temperature and pressure ‘melted together’ into one strip.


Do you have a specific question about an innovative custom-made solution, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to contribute to your thinking process.

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