Pultrusionprofiles with a special surface constitution (coating)

The standard DPP-pultrusion profiles have a very even, matte surface. The surface is rich in fibre and free of de-bulking residue, which leaves the surface with a very favourable adhesive capacity. Consequently, the profiles can e.g. be glued and varnished well. For many areas of application, the excellent bonding properties of the tubes, rods and strips are a major advantage.

The fibre-rich surface can be a disadvantage for those applications where the user frequently comes into contact with the profiles. Filaments on the surface of the profile can irritate the skin. DPP has a custom-made solution that offers standard profiles complete with a very thin transparent coating. This coating ensures the surface of the profiles is 100% fibre-free. However, the adhesive qualities of the coated profiles are poorer. When the coated profiles have to be glued, they have to be sanded locally first.

Another custom-made option is to provide (especially glass-fibre) profiles with a coloured coating. An infinite range of colours is possible.

Please inquire about the possibilities!

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