Carbon and glass-fibre pultrusions in complex shapes

DPP produces a standard wide range of profiles in simple geometric shapes. These are e.g. square rods and tubes, strips, and rectangular and elliptical profiles in various lengths and sizes. This standard range is supplied from stock. In addition, we have extensive possibilities for custom-made profiles in more complex shapes. These profiles are developed, tested and produced especially to client-specific wishes and requirements. Up to a diameter up to 150-200mm2 , our pultrusion machines can produce numerous different custom-made solutions.

Custom-made productions vary in complexity. First of all, there are the standard geometric shapes (tube, rod, strip, etc.) that can be produced in different sizes. In addition, there are known shapes that are not part of the standard range. For example, C-sections, H-sections, I-sections, L-sections, T-sections, U-sections or Z-sections, known in their execution in steel or aluminium. Finally, there are the free, creative designs that are application-specific.

So you see: the possibilities are almost infinite. We are happy to contribute to the development of your custom-made solution!

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