Carbon and glass-fiber profiles in special lengths

For specific uses, the standard lengths of our products (500 mm, 1000mm and 2000mm) are not sufficient. Adapting the profiles to special lengths is therefore a custom-made solution that is used frequently. Our machines and processes are geared to producing both very long and very short profiles.

Theoretically, it is possible to produce infinite lengths by means of pultrusion, because pultrusion is a continuous process. In practice the maximum length is determined by limitations of the packaging and shipping. If profiles are sufficiently flexible, they can be wound continuously on reels.

Moreover, because of our high-grade and fully-automated sawing machines, we are capable of sawing micro-lengths with a high degree of accuracy, starting from a few millimetres. Our machines are also capable of supplying these short tubes, rods and strips free from burrs and within very low tolerances.

In other words, extremely short or extremely long and anything in between: with DPP you are at the right address!

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