Reinforcement or local stiffeners for thermoplastic extrusions or injection-moulded products

When DPP composite profiles (usually rods, strips of a client-specific profile) are applied as stiffener in an extrusions, they can be delivered on roll unlimitedly. During extrusion of the thermoplastic profiles, the carbon profiles are co-extruded at key sections. This way, the extrusion profile can be stiffened/reinforced very accurately.

The advantages of extrusion (freedom of design and competitive prices, etc.) are maintained while the pultrusion profiles add the required strength and stiffness in a well-balanced way. Similarly, fibre-reinforced profiles are used in injection-moulded products. Profile sections are placed as inserts in the injection mould which is then injected with a thermoplastic plastic. Weight restriction is an important motive, but producing thinner products is also possible, which e.g. is a hot topic in packagings of consumer electronics.

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