Sail battens and rigging in water sport

In water sport, too, the advantages of carbon and glass-fibre reinforced profiles are recognised. Due to their low weight and good mechanical properties, composites are increasingly often used as construction material in this sector. These carbon and glass-fibre profiles are used especially in sailing and windsurfing.

The best-known applications of DPP profiles in water sport are sail battens made of carbon and glass-fibre reinforced plastics.

A more recent development is the use of thin carbon rods in the mooring ropes and guy ropes of yachts. In water sport, we usually speak of stays or rigging. A composite stay is a bundle of several thin carbon rods that together form one cable. Composite rigging combines high strength and rigidity with low weight and high fatigue resistance. Moreover, carbon has a very low coefficient of expansion, allowing the rigging to behave in a stable manner in all (weather) conditions. This extra stability and weight-saving results in higher performances, which are particularly important for high-performance yachts.

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