Components of robot arms and manipulators

Because of the high speed of movement and the accuracy, many carbon-reinforced profiles are applied in robot arms and manipulators. Not only the mechanical properties of carbon fibre are important here, the low coefficient of expansion is also of major importance. This results in machine components being less sensitive to temperature changes.

Carbon profiles are often used as structural components in manipulators and robot arms. The construction can consist of a framework of carbon rods. Another application is to shape the robot arm from thermoplastic plastics using the injection-moulding process and to reinforce this injection-moulded component on the inside with carbon profiles (inserts). Again, a typical “hybrid” choice of materials that combines the best of both worlds: the freedom of shape and efficiency of the injection-moulding process and the mechanical properties of carbon profiles there where they are shown to their advantage.

Besides the structural components, the push rods in the manipulators are also often made of pultruded carbon rods.

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