As loom frame stiffening in textile machines

For this specific application, carbon profiles are used for the reinforcement of aluminium frames (heald frames) in textile machines. They are long aluminium extrusion profiles incorporated in the textile machines. These profiles have a large span and the accuracy of movement and speed are extremely high. By gluing carbon stiffeners to these extrusion profiles, bending is reduced considerably. The reduced bending results in higher production speeds and higher accuracy

By means of this “hybrid” choice of material, the advantages of both materials are put to full use. The carbon profile, which is relatively expensive, will only be glued locally on the section which can contribute best to stiffness: on the extreme fibres of the structural element, far from the neutral line. The aluminium base profile is relatively affordable, allows complex design and can be easily incorporated and assembled using conventional methods, such as drilling, screwing and milling.

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