Structural material for measuring feelers, gauges, sensors and probes

There are various reasons why glass-fibre profiles are used as reinforcement and/or stiffening in measuring and inspection equipment. Various measuring feelers, gauges, sensors and probes are manufactured with DPP micro-pultrusion profiles.

For example, carbon micro-tubes are used as frame elements in measuring feelers and gauges. Besides the favourable mechanical properties, the low coefficient of expansion of carbon is crucial. This makes the gauges less sensitive to temperature changes.

For sensors and probes that function in a chemical environment, the use of composite profiles as packaging or frame elements can also be interesting. DPP carbon tubes and rods, for example, are used in the probes of liquid-level sensors that measure the coolant level or the electrolyte level in batteries. The possibilities are infinite.

Is your specific application not yet mentioned here? Then check the custom-made solutions DPP can offer or contact us without obligation.

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