Adhesive reinforcement

By gluing carbon strips (cfc strips) on the outside, existing concrete and wooden constructions can be reinforced without existing provisions having to be removed or extensive structural adjustments be made. By using carbon-fibre strips as adhesive reinforcement, existing constructions can easily be upgraded, allowing them to resist greater loads and/or to bend less.

But also in new constructions, using CFRP adhesive reinforcement can be interesting. The advantages of conventional construction materials like wood and concrete can be combined with those of composite materials. Traditional construction methods are maintained while constructions can be made considerably more rigid and stronger. This results in greater design freedom. Moreover, the constructions become more compact, leaner and lighter.

The same principle is also applied to the gluing of carbon strips to other brittle materials, such as glass, marble and granite. For example, by gluing carbon strips to worktops made of such materials, these tops obtain the necessary strength and rigidity. Breaking of the material is prevented.

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